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YouTuber DIY Crafts a Ps5 Out of Brass

Watch the full 16 minute video below!

YouTube channel DIY Perks has managed to build a PlayStation 5 out of brass.

Handcrafted over the course of a 16-minute video, DIY Perks gives a thorough explanation of every step he took to re-create the PlayStation 5’s casing, including disassembly of the original console, marking out the panels, and the actual shaping of the brass components. While he noted that brass is a relatively easy material to work with — even if you only have basic tools — he does point out that the curvaceous surfaces of the PlayStation 5 makes the replication process much more difficult. At the end, he also discovers issues regarding the WiFi connectivity due to the entirely metal make of the build, but he managed to fix the issue by simply removing the internal antenna is securing it onto the back externally.

For those interested, you can check out DIY Perks’ video above.

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