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You Can Now Preload Games Before Inserting a Disc on Xbox

Xbox owners can now download games before they pick up their physical copy or even before they own the game.

So many of you out there have gone through the struggle before when opening up a shiny new video game. You get home, ready to pop that sucker in and get lost in it. However, you have to wait for the disk to install to the console, and then usually there is a day one update of some kind. Rather than getting home and playing a new game, you are stuck waiting for the download to end. If you have slow internet, it might even be until the next day. The team over at Xbox recognized this and has released a new feature to the Xbox (beta) app that will definitely help those who buy physical games.

The newly designed app comes with a new feature that allows users to preload games before inserting a disk. You don’t even have to own the game to preload it. Of course, the only way to start the game though will be to insert the disk or to purchase it digitally.

To access the new feature, install the Android Xbox (beta) app, and search for a game. There should be a new option “Download To Console.” If you have more than one Xbox One, you will need to select which console to download to. Boom, that’s it! The title should download to your console and whenever you do decide to purchase it, the game is ready to go.

I have to say, the last year or so, Xbox has been releasing stellar features that really benefit consumers. With the recent acquisition of Bethesda, xCloud being part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and a new console just a couple of months away, I think it is safe to say that it is a pretty sweet time to be an Xbox fan.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are set to launch on November 10 for $499.99 and $299.99. Pre-orders have been largely taken but should be coming back into stock soon.

Source: Lords of Gaming

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