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Xbox Series X Retail Box Revealed

The Xbox Series X retail box puts an emphasis on its top-side cheese grater

After the long wait for release dates and pricing, more (non-consequential) information about the next generation of Xbox consoles is coming out day by day, including today’s reveal of the box you can expect the console to come in.

Release dates and price points for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S were also recently revealed. Both consoles are hitting shelves on November 10, 2020, with pre-orders starting September 22. The Xbox Series S, an all-digital, weaker variant of the upcoming console will run customers $299 USD or £249. The Xbox Series X on the other hand will be sold for $499 or £449.

Looking critically at the console’s box for a second, it represents a marked shift for what Microsoft wants people to see and learn at first glance. It’s not new to find resolution or storage size on a console’s retail packaging – both the PS4 and Xbox One do so on theirs – but it’s entirely new to find a framerate goal or any mentioning of a system’s architecture. This could simply be an appeal to the more tech-savvy consumers or a way for Microsoft to impress potential buyers with more big numbers. We’ll see if this turns into an industry trend whenever we see the PS5’s box.

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