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Xbox Series X Quick Resume, Load Times, + Storage for Basic System Files

The minimum capacity of the quick resume on Xbox Series X is three games, but it can retain up to 12 depending on what games you're playing.

Recently, Microsoft sent out a bunch of Xbox Series X consoles to some select outlets, allowing them to be the very first people in the world to experience the feel of a next-gen console. Yesterday, the outlets were finally allowed to publish their hands-on previews from the console, and most of them seemed to be pretty impressed by the console’s perfromance and features, especially Quick Resume.

As revealed before, Quick Resume is a brand new feature in Microsoft consoles that allow you to run different games simultenuously, switch between them in less than 10 seconds, and keep playing each one of them from the point you left off. If you’ve already checked out some of the Series X previews recently, you probably know that most of the reviewers have spoke highly of this new feature. GameSpot reviewer indicated in his preview that he succeeded to add six games to the Quick Resume library, while the GamesBeat editor-in-chief said the maximum limit for him was four. On the other hand, Ars Technica claimed that they was able to run 12 games with Quick Resume, though all of them were running at 1080p resolution, and some of the games have been chosen from Xbox 360 and original Xbox catalog.

So, I think its safe to say that there’s no maximum limit for Quick Resume at this point. Probably, if you attempt to run high-quality AAA games at 4K resolution you might be only able to add 3 or 4 games to Quick Resume.

Load Times

Across the board, the Xbox Series X is seeing lower load times for current-gen titles like Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Destiny 2

Unsurprisingly, the Xbox Series X, fitted with an SSD for internal storage, is crushing the Xbox One in terms of load times.

We already knew that games would be loading faster, mostly because SSDs outperform HDDs, but also because we’ve seen the Xbox Series S go up against its last-gen counterpart, the Xbox One S in a game load-off. However, the results coming from other outlets that have had the opportunity to toy with the new flagship Xbox are astonishing.

Over at The Verge, Tom Warren spent a week with the Xbox Series X, and as part of his hands-on, he measured the load times between some of this generation’s most popular titles. The results show a decrease in load times across the board, some by expected, smaller margins and others by much more. Most notably, Sea of TheivesWarframe, and Destiny 2 were all able to shave over a minute off of their load time. The smallest change was for CoD: Warzone, which, at an already impressive 21 second load time on the Xbox One was brought down to 16 seconds.

The Dorito Pope himself, Geoff Keighley, has also spent some time with Microsoft’s new flagship console. Besides his praise for quick resume, which he said was like “Alt-TABbing” between games, he noted the console’s impressive load times.

Xbox Series X Requires Nearly 200GB of Storage for Basic System Files

The Xbox Series X might boast 1TB of storage on paper, but only around 800GB of that will usable after setting up the console.

Even though new consoles always say that they offer up a certain amount of storage, the number that is given always fails to account for the default space that is required when setting the system up. Next-gen hardware in the Xbox Series X and PS5 are no different, and in the case of the former, we now know how much storage space it will actually have in tow.

According to GameSpot, who already has an Xbox Series X in their possession, the 1TB drive that the console has installed needs nearly one-fifth of that space for the basic files attached to the console. In total, 198GB of the Xbox Series X are needed for the platform’s operating system and other various files. This means that in reality, 802GB are then left open for you to install games and other applications that you might download. It’s worth noting that the version of the console that GameSpot has in its hands might not be finalized just yet though, so these numbers could change by launch day.

In some ways, this is to be expected. With video games as a whole getting larger over time, it’s not a shock that the general operating system of the Xbox Series X is going to be larger than what we’re used to as well.

On the downside, it sure seems like the Series X could run out of space pretty darn quickly. 800GB isn’t a lot by modern standards and, as mentioned, if game sizes keep getting larger, that storage is going to diminish very fast. Considering the expandable storage options for Xbox Series X and S also cost a staggering $220, it sure seems like we’ll have to do more management than normal in this upcoming generation.

The Xbox Series X / S is set to come out on November 10. If you’re looking to pre-order one of the upcoming consoles, we have a list of retailers that you can purchase one from right here.

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