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Valheim: How to Hunt and Silence Deer

Learn how to best hunt for deer and how to also shut them up.

Valheim has only been out on early access for just over a month and already we’ve seen eager players all around the world get stuck into the survival title. Valheim offers players, who are Vikings in the game, the chance to craft tools, build shelters and fight enemies as they also learn to survive.

With a range of areas to explore that include the meadows, black forest, swamp, mountains and ashlands, players will also need to hunt deer so they can gather useful hides, food and meat. In this guide, I’ll show you how to hunt deer and also how to shut them up when all you want is some peace and quiet while walking in a serene meadow.

How do you Hunt Deer?

As any good hunter will know, you need to be thoroughly prepared before taking on any hunting expedition so make sure you’ve got all the hunting gear you can get your hands on. Next, make sure to have a knife, spear or bow with arrows easily at hand as well as a supply of food so your health can remain in tip-top shape throughout your hunting shenanigans. Like in real life, deer like to graze in open pasturages so you have a good chance of finding some there.

Naturally, deer are skittish so making sure to creep around without making noise is key but crouching in Valheim takes up stamina so try and time it well and use bushes or shrubs to hide in. Deer can smell you so check for the direction of the wind and make sure it’s not blowing towards them. When using a bow or a spear, aim the crosshairs just above the deer’s head so that the angle will penetrate without missing.

Again, as in real life, if you down one deer the rest will get scared and run off meaning your chance to get another kill means starting all over again. To maximize your hunting technique, wait until a lone deer wanders off and then strike. If you happen to notice a deer with stars above them, this means that they will drop more meat and hide so take them out before you move onto other deer.

How do you Silence Deer?

Picture it: You’re strolling through a beautiful field, taking in the atmosphere when it’s ruined by the bleating of those annoying deer. Instead of trying to kill them all, a mod has been created that allows you to shut them up for good. Over on Nexus mods, “Keezy”, has created a mod called “Silent Deers”, that allows players to mute the deer so they can carry on their life’s in Valheim in peace.

You can, however, just lower the deer’s bleats instead of totally muting them if that’s your desire. If that’s something you fancy trying out, head on over here, read the description and then download the mod. It’s as simple as that.

Valheim is available on Steam as an early-access game. The release date for the full version of the title is yet to be revealed.

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