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This Gengar Sleeping Companion is Awesome

Gengar used Dream Eater.

Pokemon is unsurprisingly the highest-grossing franchise of all time. Alongside the array of fantastic video games, trading cards, anime and movies is a line of merch that can sometimes get a little bit weird. This is exemplified by a new Gengar sleeping companion from Premium Bandai.

The giant plush features an enormous tongue that can be rolled in and out of Gengar’s mouth and acts as either a pillow, floormat or a blanket for the user to lay on or under. If you use the tongue as a bed, you can insert your head into Gengar’s mouth. This helps to give the cushion/bed its length of over 5ft and also probably helps create a sense of darkness (and dread).

The cushion went up for pre-order and costs 25,950 Japanese yen (approx $250/£184) however, it has unsurprisingly since sold out.

Gengar has been a mainstay in the Pokemon universe since he became available in Pokemon Red and Blue. He has been the face of Halloween in many different Pokemon GO events, became a playable fighter in Pokken Tournament and has one of the coolest shiny Mega Evolutions in the series.

Pokemon, like many other franchises, celebrates a major milestone this year. 2021 marks 25 years since the release of the first games and it will be interesting to see what the Pokemon Company does to celebrate.

This Gengar sleeping companion follows the recent announcement of a lifesize Appletun plush. The giant soft toy, which has no price or release date as of yet, will be available from the Pokemon Centre in Japan. While it’s a slightly strange plush, it’s got nothing on the Gengar pillow.


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