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The World Ends With You Anime Gets New Trailer

The World Ends With You anime got a brand new trailer today. It features a banging theme song and a confirmation of the show's launch date.

The World Ends With You is an incredibly popular action RPG from the team at Square Enix. The game is set to finally get a sequel later this year, but that’s not the only good news for series fans. Today, they dropped a brand new The World Ends With You anime trailer. The trailer gives us a better idea of what the show is going to look like and a release date. Plus, that theme song by ALI is an absolute banger. Give it a look below.

Even as someone who hasn’t played The World Ends With You in a very long time, this is awesome news. The anime looks phenomenal. Just a gorgeous take on the classic art style. And how can you not get down with that theme song? The whole package is just so well done. It doesn’t’ hurt, of course, that the actual game is so great. Hopefully, the new anime can perfectly capture the feeling of playing through Square’s classic.

One thing that might help that is that Takeharu Ishimoto is returning to help compose music. Fans will remember that he’s the composer behind the original game, so getting him involved is a major victory for the anime. It will be very interesting to see what he does now that we’re more than a decade removed from the game’s original release. I’m sure it’ll have throwback tracks, but he’ll also probably look to update things a bit.

The World Ends With You anime starts on April 9.

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