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The First Episode of the Live-Action 'Gundam Build Real' Has Fans Wanting More

The first episode of Bandai and Sunrise‘s live-action Gundam Build Real web series has just launched and fans are impressed. While there were some comments on the awkwardness of the teenage boys in the series, overall, fans praised director Katsuyuki Motohiro’s accuracy in capturing the atmosphere in local Gunpla build-offs and gatherings.

As this is a series catered towards teenagers, many adults also chimed in on how they were able to relive their childhood and the nostalgic feeling they got when watching the first episode — changing a lot of viewers’ initial mixed thoughts on the show to more positive reviews. One thing that stood out for all viewers was how impressed they were with the CG fight scenes.

This new concept blends both CG with live-action as the characters build Gundam models and battle them using what is portrayed as a virtual reality arena. The first episode is available now on YouTube and can be watched above.

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