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It took a significant chunk of the day for any of the eight-player groups streaming The Division 2’s new Operation Dark hours raid on Twitch to finally clear it. The POG clan, led by Division streamer and YouTuber Marcostyle, managed to knock off the final boss at 5:10 p.m.

In a lengthy stream of the franchise’s first raid, players struggled through several boss encounters inside the game’s recreation of a Washington, DC, airport, leading to a climactic battle on the tarmac outside. That last encounter involved a coordinated assault on a large transforming truck that would occasionally open up to launch waves of drones, exposing itself to attack.

“Just one more phase, guys,” Marcostyle said to his squadmates during one of many runs at the final boss. The team all died several times, and in the final attempt, only seven players were active in the game. After three hours of attempts on the last boss, it finally fell, five hours after the raid went live. (Destiny 2’s first raid fell in six hours.)

“There’s no way this is world’s first, dude,” he said before checking the leaderboard and giving out a cheer.

The people on his team were indeed listed as the first in the world to finish the raid. The game’s creators at Ubisoft have said that the first eight-player team to do so will have their player names posted permanently in the game’s version of the White House.

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