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Thanks to Robots, Sony PlayStation 5 Supply at Launch Should Be High

More manufacturing details have released on the next gen console.

More news of the highly anticipated Sony PlayStation 5 is emerging, this time centering around its production. Details are claiming that when the console hits the market at launch, the supplies of it should meet a good portion of its demand, thanks to the efficiencies with its robotic manufacturing.

According to an article in the Nikkei Asian Review, Sony factories are now capable of building a completed PlayStation 4 every 30 seconds. The robots are able to perform advanced movements and maneuvers, such as twisting flat cables and applying a moderated amount of pressure to attach it to its connection without breaking anything. About 80% of the robots are dedicated to these, and other, complex tasks that seem mundane for any trained human technician.

The manufacturing line is so reliant on robotics it seems, that throughout the entire construction there are only four human staff members employed for their construction — two workers feed bare motherboards at the very beginning, and two workers finalize the packaging of the consoles near the end.

Cost-wise, the manufacturing of the PS5 has been speculated to costing approximately $450 USD per unit, realizing a loss for the console at its initial launch. The retail prices have again been leaked, this time via a Reddit discussion that shows a consumer survey explaining “random pricing” in the UK: the pricing scheme aligns with previous speculation about the rough $499 USD and $399 USD estimations with local taxes being accounted for.

Of course, the hype for the upcoming holiday must-have will be astronomical, so only time will tell if PS5 supply will in fact meet all of the demand.

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