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Sonic Prime, a New Animated Netflix Show, is Set for 2022

Sonic speeds his way back to TV for the upcoming Sonic Prime.

It seems like every day we’re getting some sort of news about new media adapted from video games. There’s the upcoming Uncharted and Mortal Kombat movies, the Resident Evil and Tomb Raider Netflix shows, and whatever that anime was for ARK with Vin Diesel. Now we can add the newly announced Sonic Prime to the list as well.

Announced in a very brief tweet from Netflix’s premiere “nerd” account NX, “SEGA’s legendary video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog will star in a new 3D animated series.” The image attached says the show’s name is Sonic Prime and that it will be released in 2022. Working on the show are studios Man of Action Entertainment and WildBrain Studios.

Man of Action’s past works include Ben Ten, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Mega Man: Fully Charged. They also wrote the script for Darksiders 3. WildBrain has quite the list of animation credits including Carmen Sandiego, Johnny Test, and the animated series for LEGO’s Ninjago. In addition to their past credits, the two companies worked together on Mega Man: Fully Charged so it seems like Sonic Prime is in good hands.

This is not Sonic’s first television outing. In recent years, there was Sonic Boom a successful show that released in tandem with the much less successful game Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It ran for 104 episodes before it ended in 2017.