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Skateboard Simulator Skater XL Kickflips to PS4 in 2020

Skater XL will be the first skating game to hit all major platforms in a decade once it releases on PS4

There has been a hole in gaming for the last ten years. A hole that no recent title can really ever fill. A skateboard-shaped hole, one that reminds me of the days spent with friends seeing how far we could fling our character. However, the newest skateboard sim Skater XL seems primed to fill in that hole with its kickflip goodness, which is now coming to PS4.

In a blog post on Playstation’s website, Easy Day Studios director Dain Hedgpeth confirms Skater XL is coming to PS4, making it the first skateboarding game to traverse all major platforms in nearly a decade. The game, which has been in Steam early access since December 2018, has had ports announced for Xbox One and Switch once it finishes development.

“Fans of the genre have famously been clamoring for a new Skate and a revival of an old franchise,” said Dain Hedgpeth, director of Easy Day Studios. “But the question we’ve been asking ourselves at Easy Day studios is — what would a skateboarding game designed from the ground up today look like?” That question has been answered during the game’s stint in early access, and we’ll get to see the full answer towards the Skater XL‘s inevitable 1.0 launch.

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