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Resident Evil 3 Remake hands-on

Resident Evil 3 is an easy game to preview. It’ll probably be an easy game to review, too. I’ve now been lucky enough to have played several hours of the game, but to be honest the hands-on hasn’t changed my thinking too much, nor how I’d recommend it. Did you like the Resident Evil 2 remake? Do you want more of that? Are you okay with a twist towards action? If the answer to these questions is even remotely yes, this game is for you.

Last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake was bloody excellent. It honestly set the bar for what a re-imagining and remake of a classic, beloved video game could be. RE2 Remake is the bar that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have to clear when it releases in a few weeks – if, that is, that bar isn’t raised a little more by Resident Evil 3.

The good news is that brilliance is still present in this title. The two remakes were developed concurrently, thus the fast release, with the RE3 team working on the early stages of the game while RE2 was being polished up for final release. The two share a lot, with much of that stemming from the shared ‘RE Engine’ that has powered every major Capcom title since Resident Evil 7. That brings with it similarities – the user interface and controls are more or less identical, for instance. The visuals are too, bringing with it all the grime and the stunning photo-realistic face-scanned characters that made Resident Evils 7 and 2 stand out.

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