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Razer RESPAWN Creates Performance-Enhancing 5 Gum for Gamers

Helping to maintain focus and reaction speeds.

The world of Esports is an extremely competitive field, where wins or losses are often determined by a single split-second decision, so it’s no surprise that competitive gamers will try anything to give them an advantage over their foes. To help you gain that competitive edge, Razer has now tapped into its mental gaming performance nutrition brand RESPAWN to release a gamer-centric chewing gum from Wrigley‘s 5 brand. The chewing gum can apparently help maintain and improve focus and reaction times, thanks to the use of various ingredients such as B vitamins and green tea extract.

RESPAWN explained in a statement that “Product validation has remained a core element of RESPAWN’s product development to guarantee meeting the unique needs of gamers,” and so it put together focus groups and taste tests to study the habits of gamers and their consumption patterns while playing video games, “all to determine the best gum offering in form factor, ingredients, and taste.” The end result is three different flavors: cool mint, pomegranate watermelon, and tropical-punch

If you’re interested in grabbing some of Razer’s new gum for your next gaming session, they’re now available over on the company’s website, with a 10-pack bundle going for $28 USD.

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