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'Pokémon' Releases Official ASMR Videos

Helping you relax.

With the popularity of ASMR continuing to grow, The Pokémon Company has launched a series of its very own auditory sensory meridian response videos.

The official ASMR videos are meant to trigger a pleasant form of paresthesia which typically feels like a tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. Referencing the often food-related content found in the ASMR realm, Chespin’s Happy Snack Time sees the grass-type Pokémon enjoying a tray of sweet snacks. For those looking for a more soothing take, Charmander’s Fireside Slumber sees the iconic Pokémon taking a nap by a crackling fire.

Check out Chespin’s Happy Snack Time song above and Charmander’s Fireside Slumber ASMR video below.

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