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Play Like a Pro With Thrustmaster's eSwap Modular PS4 Controller

Expanding on its long list of elite offerings, performance gaming peripheral company Thrustmaster has just debuted its latest eSwap Pro Controller, a modular PlayStation 4 controller to suit any gamer’s play style.

Thrustmaster’s latest controller makes use of the company’s T-Mod technology, which allows modular components to be swapped in and out at any time, even during gameplay. Aside from the bumpers and face buttons, everything else is customizable: the joysticks, d-pad, triggers, and hand grips can all be replaced. The company even offers cosmetic upgrades for your touchpad so you can truly customize the look of your controller.

Along with these initial releases, Thrustmaster is also working on a series of module packs for launch on November 5, which includes various cosmetic upgrades along with a “Fighting Pack” that’s perfect for fighting game fans who prefer to use only one joystick and make room for six buttons rather than four. The two extra buttons are also programmable, giving you another area for customization.

Pro gamers looking to bring their skills to the next level can now preorder the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller on the company’s website, going for £150 GBP, or roughly $184 USD.

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