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LG at CES 2021

New OLEDs, Mini-LED LCDs and a weird CG idol

At the kickoff of LG’s virtual CES press conference, the company teased a rollable smartphone without actually mentioning it. In the video, a person watching the press event we're watching (meta) held a phone as the screen rolled out, enabling a larger viewing area. There was nothing else distinguishable about the phone. This is likely an upcoming phone in LG’s Explorer Project, an initiative to make wacky phones different from the usual rectangular slabs, like the LG Wing and its rotating screen. This new rollable, which LG aptly named LG Rollable at the end of its presentation, could also just be a concept, but this is the second time LG has teased it.

LG has demoed a rollable TV before, which went on sale last year. TCL also showed a rollable phone prototype in 2020, and more concepts at its 2021 press event today.

You may wonder why anyone would want a rollable phone. The idea is, you get the benefit of a foldable display (a much larger screen) without the tremendous bulk. The extra screen real estate can be helpful for watching videos, running split-screen apps, or playing games. Also, it’s just damn cool.


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