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Here's How to Access Deadpool in 'Fortnite'

The Merc With A Mouth also comes with a bunch of unlockable goodies.

Following his initial tease during the beginning of the season, Deadpool has officially arrived in Fortnite. The new skin is now available to everyone that’s purchased the latest battle pass and is unlockable by locating two pistols hidden in the main menu.

Once you’re in a match, you can change into the Deadpool skin at any phone booth around the island. The skin also comes with additional items like Deadpool’s katanas, an alternate costume, and a new Deadpool party boat where the yacht on the northeastern side of the map used to be.

This isn’t the first time developer Epic Games teamed up with Marvel. During the earlier years of the popular Battle Royale game, it threw a Thanos event ahead of Avengers: Infinity War. After, Epic Games also allowed players to dress up as their favorite Avenger during the release of Endgame.

Check out the announcement trailer above and all the extra unlockables below.

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