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Gatebox's Holographic AI Waifu Just Got Life-Sized

The future of hospitality… and companionship.

Japan‘s Gatebox has taken its personal holographic smart asssitant to new heights with the unveiling of the Gatebox Grande AI hologram.

Now sized with adult proportions, the smart hologram is presented in a 65-inch 4k OLED display and can now be used for larger applications like as a digital concierge or as an information center for a mall. The hologram sees the same style of female anime character (named Azuma Hikari) which can be “summoned” by voice or proximity activation where it has a number of gestures, facial expressions, and voice tones to give off much of a realistic interaction as possible.

As this AI program can be programmed for a number of scenarios, it could also potentially also be adopted for household use as a companion or nanny. While the personal-sized Alexa-sized version retailed for $2,700 USD, we can only imagine that this full-sized version will run in the tens of thousands of USD. Those wishing to learn more about the technology can head over to Gatebox’s webpage.

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