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Fury Unleashed Review: Comic Book Carnage

Awesome Games' Fury Unleashed combines the ruthlessly addictive gameplay loops of the likes of Dead Cells and Enter the Gungeon with old-school, run-and-gun action platforming in the vein of the classic Contra series, resulting in one of the very best examples of the roguelite genre. Its combo-driven action is fast, frantic and brutally tough stuff – a frenzied explosion of lasers, rockets, exotic alien technology and Metal Slug-esque machinery – that's backed up by slick controls, satisfyingly expansive traversal and a ton of completely OTT weaponry with which to dispose of the various jungle nasties, sci-fi Nazis and telekinetic aliens that stand in your way as you leap and bound – in solo or co-op mode – through its comic book levels.

Awesome Games Studio has taken full advantage of the comic books the game takes place in. Your customisable character will fight their way through the panels of various cartoon sketches to make it to the next chapter. Along the way, enemies originating from Egypt, World War 2, and space will try to stop you in your tracks while a healthy amount of bosses present even greater challenges to overcome. To match them, lots of guns and melee weapons can be sourced from chests, quests, and purchased from vendors during runs.

It's a fairly typical set up for a rogue-lite, but it's done with the grace of a big-budget title. Impressively responsive controls make dodging bullets a breeze while an upgrade system accessed after death allows you to better your character. The game may seem simple at first glance, but there's quite a lot more to it than meets the eye. You can even bring a friend along for the ride with local co-op.

All and all Its biggest problem then is that it's over all too quickly. Fury Unleashed takes the central gameplay loops of the likes of Dead Cells and Enter the Gungeon and infuses them with pulpy '90s action platforming resulting in a high octane thrill ride. Awesome Games' effort has benefited massively from five years in development and an extended period of early access on PC that's seen its gameplay polished to near perfection with slick and responsive controls, a huge and satisfyingly meaty armory of weapons, quick traversal mechanics and procedurally generated levels crammed full of secrets, challenges and hard-hitting enemies waiting to stop you in your tracks time and time again. Overall, it is a superbly addictive and hugely satisfying addition to the roguelike genre.

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