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Full Gameplay Video of Canceled 'GoldenEye 007' Remaster for Xbox Live Arcade Surfaces

A full two-hour playthrough video of the ill-fated remastered GoldenEye 007 Xbox Live Arcade version has just been uploaded to YouTube. Presented by user Graslu00, the video has the game running at 60 fps and at 4K resolution thanks to the Xenia emulator.

Initially set for a 2007 release, the remake for the 1997 smash-hit N64 title was shelved due to licensing and copyright disputes. The nostalgic game, with all its updated glory, is just as fun to watch as it was 24 years ago. The video goes through levels like the classic Dam (he even zooms in with his sniper on the infamous island), to the final Egyptian level, and ends with 30 mins of multiplayer action.

Watch the video above for a trip down memory lane and read below for Graslu00’s responses to FAQs regarding his long-play upload.

Is this related to the 4chan leak earlier last month? No, not at all. That file is a dead weight that cannot be cracked. We’ve known of people with these builds for years before now from partnernet/pnet. It was just a matter of time. How did you get hold of this? I can’t say. Patience is key. Is this releasing soon/someday? The release is not on me, I cannot publish this. I’ve been told it’ll be released in 2021. Does this mean it’s being hoarded? No. Patience is key. I’ve been told it’ll be released eventually in 2021. I can’t and won’t take the risk of doing so. How do you feel about Nintendo canceling this remake? Nintendo did not cancel this, they’re not the owners of the license. If you want GE back, ask the IP holders, not gaming companies.
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