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First Look at Warframe’s Saint of Altra update

Warframe’s latest update, Saint of Altra, adds the Gauss suit for speed freaks and a new chill guitar minigame for folks who want to slow down a bit.

The update is now live for Warframe on PC, and should come to other versions before too long. The new Gauss suit is defined by its speed – it can run super fast, barreling through enemies as it goes.

Gauss is detailed further on the official Warframe site, and it looks like a powerful, fun addition to the game. If you keep it running and don’t slow down, it’ll generate an electric current that charges his shields faster. It can know enemies over with its Mach Rush ability, and supercharge all of its moves by using Redline.

New missions and challenges have been added to Warframe too, alongside some new rocket-based guns for Gauss: Acceltra, which fires plasma rockets, and Akarius, dual launchers that shoot target-seeking rockets.

There’s a bunch of other stuff added, too, but what we’re most excited for is Warframe’s new guitar minigame, which lets you play a guitar by using the Shawzin emote. It’s a simple little minigame, so don’t expect a suitable replacement for your old Guitar Hero kit, but it looks like good silly fun.

We recently got a heap of details about what’s coming to Warframe out of Tennocon 2019, so the game’s future is looking bright right now.

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