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First Look at The Last of Us Part 2 Snow and Climbing Mechanics

Climbing mechanics don't seem to impress the gamers, and the snow isn't good enough.

If you’ve been waiting around for more information about The Last of Us Part 2, there’s not really much new to report on. However, developer Naughty Dog has shown off some old gameplay showing Ellie being able to explore the world through climbing. A simple tweet aimed to populate social media and reiterate the games upcoming mechanics. However, gamers aren’t happy about the new video. Why? Snow. Also climbing.

Naughty Dog shared a video clip of the protagonist, Ellie climbing up some snow-covered obstacles, and jumping across a gap, landing on another snow-covered platform. However, gamers have jumped on the tweet to express their frustration about the snow, and also throw sarcasm at the climbing mechanics being mentioned.

The tweet from Naughty Dog essentially explains that players can expect to climb and explore environments freely. A mechanic that’s available in most video games, sure. But in comparison to The Last of Us, players were only able to climb ladders and were unable to jump large gaps. It seems people are assuming that Naughty Dog is revealing a brand new mechanic that’s mind-blowing and never been seen before in games. When in fact the studio is just stating that the sequel will include a mechanic the original didn’t have.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be heading to PS4 on May 29, 2020.

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