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First Look at Crimson Heist: New Rainbow Six Siege operation

The first glimpses at the new operation coming to Rainbow Six Siege have been revealed, but what date will Crimson Heist release around the world?

The upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege has just been revealed online, ‘Crimson Heist’.

With the Crimson Heist operation comes a new operator, rework of a classic map and a new gadget, along with a host of other smaller changes.

However, gamers around the world are wondering what date Crimson Heist will release for both Battle Pass and non-Battle Pass players.

Crimson Heist: Release date

  • ‘Operation Crimson Heist’ will release for Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass owners on March 16th, 2021 and worldwide on March 30th, 2021.

As usual, this season will last approximately 3 months, following the completion of Operation Neon Dawn in mid-March.

We will have an article on what time Crimson Heist will launch nearer the release date, so keep checking back in!

Crimson Heist: Flores

The operator arriving in Operation Crimson Heist is ‘Flores’, an Argentinian operator from Buenos Aires.

The 38-year-olds real name is Santiago Lucero and according to the official release notes, he “loves tech and mechanics”, and despite being “a bit awkward, he listens when others speak.”

Flores can use either the AR33 Assault Rifle or SR-25 Marksman Rifle, but his speciality is the RCE-Ratero explosive drone.

You can check out his official introduction article here.

Crimson Heist: Map and gadget

Also coming in Crimson Heist is a much-needed rework to the Border map and a new gadget the GONNE-6.

This hand cannon is able to destroy bulletproof gadgets and can be used by Glaz, Lion, Dokkaebi, Finka, Gridlock, Amaru, Iana and Zero.

You can learn more about the GONNE-6 here.

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