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'Diablo IV' Introduces a Unique "Rogue" Class in Disturbing New Trailer

“I am a thief, a heretic, a murderer.”

While the launch of Diablo IV is still some time away, Blizzard has been hard at work on the upcoming installment of the beloved franchise, showing off a new playable Rogue class during the game’s segment at BlizzCon this year.

Described as a completely unique experience, the Rogue is somewhat of a combination between the traditional Assassin and Demon Hunter. It’ll offer a range of different builds, whether you prefer to keep your enemies at a distance or stealth in and take them on quietly at close quarters.

“The class actually feels really fresh,” said the game’s director Luis Barriga during a recent interview with Polygon. “We took the Diablo 1 rogue as an aesthetic and fantasy starting point; we took some of our favorite elements from other dexterity classes, and then we added some new ideas that we felt specifically appropriate for the Diablo rogue.”

Complementing this unique class is an exclusive ability called Weapon Imbue, which allows players to bind all their abilities to a certain element type for more focused damage. “The Weapon Imbue system is something that’s brand new, [that] we haven’t done in any class before,” said Barriga. “And it’s essentially a button that you hit it, and whether it’s frost or poison or shadow, it now makes all of your attacks take that characteristic.”

There’s currently no release date yet for Diablo IV, so fans of the franchise should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.