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Destruction AllStars: Need For Rocket League Review

The concept of Destruction AllStars should speak to all fans of multi fighting games, and elements of successful titles are quickly found in this area.

Mix in a little Rocket League for cars and their arcade-style driving in a stadium, Super Smash Bros for unbridled good-natured fighting, and Overwatch for the business model and heroes. Sony decided to hit hard by including the game in February's PS +for its launch, which gives it a fairly robust player base at the start as well as a hell of a publicity stunt. It must be said that it looks alluring with its edgy arcade gameplay, eye-catching and colorful art direction, and a superheated vibe that feels like you're part of a big-show wrestling match. But it is not said that this will continue, since the PS5 exclusivity combined with the shortage of consoles as well as the very high entry price for those who will have missed the opportunity to obtain it. via the PS + may quickly dry up the influx of new players.

  • Genre : Motorized combat, online multiplayer

  • Release Date : February 2, 2021

  • Platform : PS5

  • Developer : Lucid Games

  • Publisher : Sony

  • Price : $ 69.99 Available on Amazon

  • Tested on : PS5

The exotic concept of Destruction AllStars forces the passage through a fairly lengthy tutorial to address the main elements of the gameplay. In this case, you are not screwed to your vehicle: each hero starts off as a pedestrian who must run to a floating platform and grab one of the three basic types of vehicles. This is what makes the originality of the title. On the one hand, resolutely arcade driving invites you to accelerate and collide with your opponents to destroy their vehicle., then to try to mow the pilot if he ejected in time to avoid the knockout. And on the other hand, you can also eject yourself from your vehicle at any time, whether to survive its destruction, as mentioned earlier, but also to approach combat in a more strategic way. Even as a pedestrian, you have special powers, and a jump with the right timing allows you to grab onto a competitor's vehicle in an attempt to steal it with a QTE, or blow it up directly. While on his side, he must do his best to make you let go.

It doesn't end there: many bonus platforms are only accessible on foot. By linking jumps and wallruns, it is possible to collect very useful special items. The reason being that taking a well-timed walking tour can be a profitable tactic, since it will charge your hero's special gauges at full speed. 16 in number, they each have a well-defined look and their own style, but it is above all their special powers that can have a heavy impact on a match.: invincibility, invisibility, ability to damage vehicles even on foot, spreading bonuses for allies, smokescreen, there is something for everyone. Some will shine brighter than others depending on the game mode at the time, so sticking to one character isn't always wise.

The second power summons the legendary vehicle exclusive to each hero, and which reflects his philosophy. Ultimo Barricado will summon a super tough truck that can summon an indestructible shield up front while Lupita will summon a fast car that leaves devastating trails of fire in its wake. There is something for all tastes and all situations, there are some simple and straightforward, and others that are more aimed at expert players who will know exactly how to exploit them with a coordinated team. As the gameplay and controls have two facets, the tutorial drags on a bit and mastering even the basics takes a few parts .

The only element that apparently confirms the fact that Destruction AllStars is indeed a game paid normally at full price - and not a free-to-play multiplayer - is in the availability of all the heroes from the start. And it stops there. By taking a tour of the character skins and cosmetics page, we can discover that a part is unlocked by progressing and playing, but that the majority of these elements require to go through the real money store. This may pass for those who obtained the game via the PS +, but it may make others cringe in the months to come.. It must nevertheless be recognized that the realization of the game is really of quality, the artistic direction is successful, it is colorful and readable, with music and characters that really stick to the concept of the title. At the start of each match, the arena is in the colors of your hero, who does not fail to put on a show to win the favor of the public before rushing into his vehicle while the commentators also give in to heart joy (including in French). Their comments help you to become aware of your situation in a lot of cases, without having to consult your gauges or the scoreboard in certain modes.

There are several strictly single-player game modes, but unsurprisingly, it's pretty light. There is the usual Training mode, and the Arcade mode which allows you to face the AI ​​on the different game modes. By increasing the difficulty, it is relatively competent, but it is absolutely not comparable to human players. However, this allows you to become more familiar with the different heroes as well as with the game mechanics before embarking on the deep end that is the multiplayer mode. We will especially remember the Challenge mode, which allows you to play a particular hero in a very short narrative arcfacing his rival in the middle of the race, with special objectives that exploit his peculiarities. It's quite interesting and we can see it as an advanced tutorial for the corresponding hero that allows you to unlock some cosmetic elements. Unfortunately, only the first Challenge is free, you have to pay real money for the following ones. And there are only three in total at the moment, the others should arrive "soon". Sony has a heavy hand on monetization, while content is lacking.

Unsurprisingly, multiplayer is the heart of the Destruction AllStars experience. Participating in online matches is the only way to level up and unlock the required in-game currency for part of the cosmetics. It's also a lot more fun. As far as we've seen so far, everything works flawlessly, be it matchmaking, latency or stability, and matches follow each other quickly, with virtually no downtime.. From a purely functional point of view, our only criticism concerns the voice chat which cannot be permanently deactivated. Each time you have to go through the menus of the Home of the PS5. Obviously, the developers wanted to privilege cooperation in the modes of play in team type 8 against 8. But this has, in practice, no interest, unless to form its own group.

Four game modes are available in multiplayer: these are variations of what we can usually see, but they are not without a fresh side thanks to original game mechanics. Mayhem is the usual Deathmatch, it's every man for himself. The objective is to damage or destroy as many opponents as possible, while avoiding getting crushed in the process. Gridfall is an original variation of the very popular Battle Royale mode that can be seen everywhere else. All the vehicles and the players are on one giant platform that is shrinking in size, more and more sections collapse and the slightest fall is fatal. The goal is of course to be the last to survive, so you have to find the right balance between survival and aggression. The

It is different for the following two modes which pit two teams of eight players each time. Carnado Mode is a big melee around a massive tornado in the center of the arena. The objective is to damage other vehicles and crush opposing drivers in order to accumulate points, but for them to count, they must be cashed. And the only way to do that is to run into the tornado, which will destroy your vehicle in the process, so you don't want to go inside too often. And it goes without saying that if you have stocked up on points in order to optimize your performance, you will become an attractive target for the entire opposing team who will do their best to destroy you.

The latest game mode, called Stockpile, highlights the proper use of Parkour outside of your vehicle. There are three points on the map that you have to grab to boost your score, but only a character on foot can pick up the nuts that are used to capture the point, and you also have to climb it to spend them, which can give rise to unusual clashes. It's a bit of a shame that some of the modes present in single player are not available in multiplayer, like a real checkpoint race or passenger transport. Those present are nevertheless different enough from each other to offer varied experiences.

Destruction AllStars has many assets up its sleeve: general public and accessible, with good achievement and gameplay that can be picked up quickly, but which takes time to be truly mastered. It's fun to deal hard bumper punches before hopping onto platforms to change vehicles and unleash your powers with one of the many heroes available. It is nevertheless difficult to predict if it will meet the expected success in the long term, especially as the PS5 exclusivity and the high purchase price may prevent it from reaching a large audience and the popularity that goes with it.

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