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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Crimson Days guide

Crimson Days returns to Destiny 2 this week and there’s a bunch of new items and rewards to earn.

The Crimson Days event runs from February 11 – 18 and Lord Shaxx has a new quest and rewards for you. Much like last year, you’ll be gathering Confectionary Hearts by taking part in Crimson Doubles matches, which you can trade for special Ghost shells, two new sparrows and The Vow Masterworked bow.

To get started, players must have escaped the Cosmodrome, unlocked the Tower and reached 790 Power. If you’re well beyond that point, then you’re good to go.

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn – Crimson Days guide

As this event is intrinsically tied to the Crucible, the majority of your bounties can be picked up from Lord Shaxx. The two-player Crimson Doubles pits you and a friend against other duos, and you’ll need to defeat a Guardian and/or their partner to earn Confectionery Hearts. You’ll receive Confectionery Hearts regardless if you win or lose a match, but winning does net you a few extra. Just remember: the helmet stays on.

After you have a chat with Lord Shaxx and receive the Fire of the Crimson Days emblem, you can purchase seasonal bounties and rewards using the Confectionery Hearts.

There are three buffs and debuffs that come into play when playing a Crimson Doubles match that you should be aware of. As this is a duos challenge, straying too far from your teammate can have deadly consequences:

  • Reunited: Increases the recharge rate of Guardian abilities for teammates who are close together.

  • Falling Apart: Grants enemy teammates waypoints to your location when you and your teammate drift too far apart in a Crucible match.

  • Vengeance: Triggered when a player’s teammate is defeated in combat. For a short time, the surviving player is granted significantly increased ability regeneration and receives a small portion of their health back.

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