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Destiny 2 Reset Update: New Tribute Quest, Variks Distress Signal And Europa Mapped

Well, I was planning on taking some time away from Destiny 2 until Festival of the Lost, but here on what was supposed to be Beyond Light launch day, there is still a bit to go through.

The one new thing happening in the actual game today is a new tribute quest that went live, paying respect to Matt Helsom, a Senior Environment Artist at Vicarious Visions who passed away at age 45 from cancer last year.

The tribute quest is visible on login with a pop-up message that doesn’t reference Helsom directly or explain what this is about, but it tells you to go to Mars and find an old Golden Age terminal. Vicarious Visions and Helsom worked on Mars for the Warmind expansion, which will soon be put into the Destiny 2 content vault when Beyond Light hits.

To find the workstation, you need to go to Mindlap Rasputin past Ana. Right when you get through the tube part you have to slide through, turn right and there’s an open door and what appears to be a replica of Helsom’s old workstation. You can interact with it, but it will appear not to do anything.

Go back to Ana and she has a rather touching message that writes Helsom into the canon of the game. The reward for the quest is an exotic cipher, but you won’t be able to pick it up if you already have one, as they don’t stack. Guess I have to spend it at Xur and come back over the weekend.

It’s…very well done. Definitely recommend you doing the quest to pay tribute to a fallen friend of the game.

I have not run the Interference quest this week but I am almost 100% sure that it’s not going to progress today so I will wait to be proven wrong if so.

Rather, the other big bit of news today is that Bungie has rolled out a new Europa-focused trailer for Beyond Light, one partially narrated by Variks, who appears to have a key role in the upcoming story of the game. Reportedly we (and possibly the Stranger, Eris and Drifter) are drawn to Europa due to a distress beacon coming from Variks himself, which would imply that he’s still on our side, after some speculation he had turned against us. Though perhaps it’s a trap, who knows.

The trailer shows various parts of Europa and what appears to be the interior of both the Deep Stone Crypt and possibly a Pyramid ship too. We saw a new Vex enemy type in the trailer and everyone is trying to figure out what the deal with that is.

Bungie has put a new Europa page live that details some of the new parts of the Patrol Zone that you can check out. Not fully detailed maps yet, but just getting to know the different areas. Here’s what it looks like when you put the different pieces together. It looks….large, and keep in mind big chunks of this zone are underground.

All of this makes me very sad that Beyond Light isn’t here today and is now crammed into a hellish November launch window with a dozen other massive games. But for me, it’ll take priority.

I’ll see if anything else changed in the game this week, but for now, the tribute appears to be the main thing, and the trailer release outside the game. More to come.

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