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Destiny 2: All of the Patrol types explained

You’ll need to seek out and complete various Patrol types for Eva’s Guardian Games bounties, so let’s take a look at where to find them. The Guardian Games event is now live in Destiny 2 and you’ll be able to earn a whole bunch of medals by completing bounties for Eva, such as On the Beat. Some of these bounties involve completing specific Patrol types in different locations, but they’re pretty easy to find. There are several Patrol types to complete, like VIP or Analysis Patrols, so here’s how to complete each type. Destiny 2: Patrol types explained When you’re close to a Patrol point, you’ll often hear a beeping noise and see a visual on-screen to help you locate it. You can find Patrols in every location in Destiny 2, though you won’t find every type in each one. By completing these Patrols you’ll earn Clan XP, Faction Token, Glimmer and the occasional Engram. Patrol bounties are the easiest way to earn Medals – even gold ones – during Guardian Games, so keep your eye out for them.

There are several different types of Patrol missions you can complete, which you can see below: Salvage: Hunt down select materials to salvage and defeat enemies. Assassination/ VIP: Hunt down a high-value enemy. Item: Collect drops from a certain enemy type. Survey: Visit a certain location and scan an area. Combat: Kill a specific number of enemies. Patrols don’t take very long to complete, though occasionally you’ll be up against a large group of enemies or need to do a bit of wandering around to find a specific enemy type. To get started, walk up and interact with the Patrol and it’ll begin immediately. It takes place in the surrounding area, so you won’t need to travel off-world or anything like that. Follow the instructions onscreen and any nav points that appear to complete it.

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