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COD streamer banned on Twitch for accidentally Discharging a Firearm on Stream

In yet another instance of an American who probably shouldn’t have a gun, Call of Duty streamer and pro player Carl Reimer just accidentally straight up murdered his gamer sustenance.

Nobody was hurt when the weapon was accidentally discharged, which occurred live on a stream. Nobody but Reimer’s pride.

It all kicks off when Reimer pretends to threaten someone for accusing him of having no money. He pulls back on the slide twice, thinks he’s unloaded the pistol, and fires, forgetting that chambers exist.

Here he is, killing any chance of being sponsored by G-Fuel and increasing his chances of appearing on the Darwin Awards Twitter account:

Now that’s twitch shooting.

The streamer, who claims he was “intoxicated” during the event, has since put out an apology video on YouTube, since he’s not banned there. He’s also been let go by esports organization Soar Gaming.

Reimer appears genuinely introspective on his apology video and clearly understands the weight of what happened, saying, “Guns are not a toy and are not to be messed with.” He also admits that someone could have been seriously hurt and that he was lucky that nobody was.

There’s no word on whether or not Twitch will lift his suspension.

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