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Cluvens' Zero-Gravity Esports Gaming Chair Is Essentially a Transforming Scorpion

Take your gaming to another level.

For those tired of being disturbed while furiously gaming or concentrating at work, Cluvens has put together exactly what you need to elevate your set up. The IW-SK Zero-Gravity Esports Gaming Chair and Workstation is an elaborate chair and desk system inspired by the anatomy of scorpions.

Converting into six different poses, the mechanical seat replicates the stances of the predatory arachnids to provide users with dynamic orientations to maximize performance. Reclining up to 170 degrees, the chair is electronically controlled and also features both massage and heating functions. Cluvens’ IW-SK Zero-Gravity Esports Gaming Chair and Workstation can support an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor or three curved 27-inch monitors and comes outfitted with HDMI/DP cables to connect to monitors.

Weighing in at 265 pounds and standing 65 inches long, 47 inches wide and 82 inches tall when fully extended, the chair and workstation truly lets people know you mean business.

Priced at $3299 USD, the IW-SK Zero-Gravity Esports Gaming Chair and Workstation is available now on Cluvens’s website.

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