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Apple Mac Pro in Full Teardown

iFixit has conducted yet another teardown video, this time for Apple‘s new pricey Mac Pro, which they’ve awarded a near-perfect 9 out of 10 for being a “masterclass in repairability.” The build has been praised from iFixit specialists for being easy to open, having replaceable components without the use of tools, and even printing instructions and diagrams on parts to make repairs easier.

It’s a change in direction for Apple, as the company has been notorious for its approach to repairing or swapping parts in its products. 9to5Mac also notes it was able to upgrade the Mac Pro’s RAM with third-party off-the-shelf components, which saves a lot of money when compared to Apple’s first-party upgrades.

However, iFixit also notes that the computer’s SSD is tied to Apple’s T2 security chip, meaning users won’t be able to replace it themselves and would have to go to an Apple-approved location for repair. iFixit even speculates that Apple’s Mac Pro design might have something to do with the cost of repair due to government legislation.

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