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Anthem Review: Ok Now Better Later

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Definitely better than Mass Effect: Andromeda

What kind of world does Anthem have?

Anthem is actually a source of energy in the game. It is a source of energy, which leads to major catastrophes, making weather conditions very violent and causing mutations. We, as a Freelancer, jump into our armor called Javelin and fight against the things that put us in danger with our superhuman powers in this world. As an elite pilot and a member of the Freelancer team, we protect Fort Tarsis and our loved ones, which we use as our headquarters. In this way, we are trying to stop Dominion who wants to harm us. And no matter what the result.

Obviously, I was too exaggerated because of the storytelling subject. As for the scene on the stage, people are choking and trying to escape. In particular, talking to people in this main center called Fort Tarsis is a complete death. I'm going to formally start complaining with the Anthem review, but the situation is seriously annoying. They talk and they talk. What's that, chin? Everyone needs to talk.

Fort Tarsis, I've said it's our headquarters for many times. There is an image of the city in the Anthem review. The visuality of the game is spectacular. This castle, called Fort Tarsis, also looks really great to get the graphics right. I love the image quality, I'm officially fainted. I was already developed with Frostbite game engine Anthem and you can feel the quality here. This is our main center, Fort Tarsis, which is beautiful, but also where our warehouse and shopping points are located. I mean, this is where we go after every mission. We're doing what we're doing here.

What does Anthem offer in terms of gameplay?

Anthem obviously has really nice features about gameplay. It didn't remind me a little about the Destiny line, but it's obviously a lot different than that. It's just a little bit of a smell. We take on certain tasks and take them to the gigantic world of the game. I mean, I mean, especially in the big world, because that's right. Then it begins to narrow. The world of Anthem, not Ankara.

The game features plenty of RPG elements as the basis. With TPS on the action parts of the game, we return to Fort Tarsis with the FPS perspective. But there is no confrontation with Fort Tarsis, so let's make a deal. During the missions, we have some road signs and we go to places and we do whatever it is. It does not have a very diverse task structure. At least I don't see it. The procession is the same. The things you do in the missions are almost the same, they're just different.

You expect a signal to be loaded during missions, of course you are killing incoming enemies. Then you find the pieces scattered around and bring them to what they call Artifact in the middle. Then you are given signals and collecting parts, runes, or information that are not so obvious from the outside. Echo is the maximum of 3 things each time called things you collect and put on something strange. You're killing incoming enemies. Congratulations, your task has been completed. Your next task is the same task with different rankings. Some of them are repeating the same stages, so let me not take your sin.

What can we do in Anthem?

Once you complete these tasks that repeat itself, you get what you earn during the mission. I'm talking about experience and things. There are coins, but I haven't figured out how to win them. Sometimes it falls from the enemies, sometimes when I get back from the job, I look at my money. It's a strange situation. The experiences you experience vary depending on what you do during the mission. There is no such thing as bir I'll kill that, I get 2-3 experience points. It is important how you killed that enemy, what you did during the mission. This is actually a really nice system. Because, like the unemployed go to a place where plenty of enemies go there, kill every incoming enemy and experience a lot of experience. We'il deal.

The objects in the anthem fall as you do your tasks. At the end of the task you are given some items. Apart from these, the things you collect during the task or free play are yours. They fall from the enemies in a standard manner or gather from his world. Speaking of enemies, life and ammunition are falling from enemies during the battle. Be careful, then you can stay in the middle. Not me, a friend.

There are certain levels of things. There are 6 rarities. Common rarity is gray, Uncommon rarity green, Rare rarity purple, Epic rarity purple, Masterwork rarity yellow and finally Legendary rarity orange. I think there is no need to translate because it is found in almost every game with RPG elements. The weapons are stronger, depending on the rarity. As far as the level of rarity is concerned, I get a score of +2 points. The basic score of the items you earn or produce is the same as your level. So, let's say that if your level is 6 and you have gained a Rare level item, the power of this item is 10.

What can be done with craftsmanship in Anthem?

If you've noticed things about the level of rarity are not just weapons. In the game there is also a crafting system known as Craft. Of course, material is required for this. The materials are also rare. You can collect materials from the world of the game in general. Consider the Anthem version of the standard stuff that is grass and mine. Weird weeds and mines. Thanks to these materials, you can produce items using material according to the rarity of the items you have learned. As the items become rare, they have more passive features. These passive features give you little extra things. You can increase your maximum armor, increase your damage and so on. There are also active and always passive effects that notice things from goods.

Let's say you win a gun and don't have the features you need. You can get the material by shattering it. Then you can go to the Forge section to produce the items within your existing plans. You can also set the passive features accordingly. These features, depending on your style of play, is your choice. Best of all, I can't say that. In an earlier part of my anthem review writing, I said the article score. These goods scores show your strength. It can also be specified as the item level. Let's say you use 9 items in total and all have 20 scores. 180 points. You can already see it in my character above.

There are lots of places for you to put stuff on your Javelin. There are 6 units in total under the title of Components, 1 in Assault System, Strike System and Support System and 2 in Weapons. At least this is the case for the Interceptor Javelin I'm using. Armor, armor, storage spaces are changing. For example, there are Ordnance Launcher, Components, Heavy Assault Launcher, Support Gear, Weapons for Colossus. Storm for Blast Seal, Components, Focus Seal, Weapons and Support Seal headers. For Ranger Components, Assault Launcher, Support Gear, Weapons and Grenade titles are available.

Could you tell us about the Javelin property that was offered to us with Anthem?

Anthem, I've told you that he offers some armor called Javelin. These armors are our kind of class. This means that there are 4 classes in total. Colossus, Ranger, Storm and Interceptor classes are available. Colossus is a character that can be described as the tank of your team. They also have heavy weapons. Ranger, the standard military on the front line. Storm can also be mentioned as a kind of wizard. The Interceptor is a speedy freak, but a fragile class that makes plenty of acrobatic movements. As my main class is Interceptor, I have plenty of fun. Until I got caught. When he gets caught, his fun escapes.

Anthem offers players the opportunity to open Javelin armor at certain points. You are opening your first Javelin at level 2. 2. Javelin is at level 8, Javelin is at level 16 and your last Javelin is at level 26. Every level you jump, opens something in your armor. There are places where you can put more and more items. More and more strengths are offered. Level jump is not too simple, but it's not that hard. You also have the option of customizing your Javelin entirely with your own choice. This includes your position at the end of the assignment.

In the game, I would like to talk about the open world, which I like the most. It's really nice to hang out in the open world. As I mentioned at the beginning of my Anthem review, the game world seems to be very big. But as we walk around, it's starting to feel small. Still, it has a considerable size. It's quite tasteful while you can choke around in this medium candy world. You can try the features of your armor, collect material, and perform World Event and Freeplay tasks. World Events, short-term tasks that occur during Freeplay. When you are finished, you get material and experience. You can also fly to where you want. Yes, you can fly! It was such a delightful feature that I would come and talk about these things.

How does it fly in the anthem world?

I'm playing on PC platform game. I would also like to underline that I am using Interceptor. According to this, because I will tell you what to say now. So, there may be differences in other classes. First, you have to press Space Bar, the Spacebar to fly and jump. Then you can fly by pressing the Shift key. You can press the Shift key again to end your flight. W key is accelerating, S key is slowing down. With the A and D keys, you can move left or right on the screen. If you use it with the Ctrl key, you can quickly turn left or right by tapping.

The actual control is made with the mouse button during flight. You point to where you're flying. But there is a point of view that I'm getting a little bit tired about, but I've become accustomed to over time. The camera angle didn't sound so good. Sometimes there is a very limited field of vision, it is annoying. When you shoot your gun, you are aiming to fly where you are. You can also move to this position by pressing the C key. W, A, S and D keys to control your character in this position.

There are some points you need to pay attention to when flying. Overheat system available. So, if you fly a lot, the machines get warm and cool. A fine feature has been introduced. If you enter the water, Overheat is reset. If you fly close to the points such as waterfalls, running water, Overheat is slowing down. The Overheat indicator falls if you fly down directly. This was a really nice feature.

What kind of combat system does Anthem have?

It is important to note that Anthem is a war game. The battle system in the game is quite fluid. I really like what I like. Even a sleeveless like me can play comfortably. Our characters have a number of abilities and these skills vary depending on the items we use. With these capabilities that have a waiting period, we can provide normal or element damage. This is another feature that brings color to the game's combat system.

Each Javelin class has its own Ultimate attack. The primary capability Q is activated with the Ultimate X key when activating the secondary capability E. You also have the ability to fight close to each class. By pressing the V key, you can break your eyes and eyes to your enemies. You're not spending bullets, but you're enjoying it. I can say enough about the enemy diversity is not too extreme. Shielded enemies, powerful enemies, flying foes, bosses, titans and more. That's as much as it should be.

Standard enemy diversity is also very good. When this is the case, you need to apply tactics that change from enemies to enemies. When playing Anthem, you have to be very careful if you have a fragile character. You can swipe forward, backward, right, or left along with the Ctrl key so you can miss your enemies. This is especially necessary in the titan and boss battles. I keep it in mind.

So, you have no negative comments about Anthem?

Actually, I've already filed a complaint in the story. Now, let me continue. First, the loading screens ruined me. I'd freak out. I'm going on a mission, I'm waiting for more than two to three minutes. GTA Online isn't waiting this long, man! What is that? There is also the requirement that your internet should be connected. Why the hell? Maybe I want to play alone? Do I have to connect to the servers? This situation has both advantages and disadvantages.

If you go online while playing alone, you are very likely to start back. Even your mission may have been canceled. If you have a team, they are going on while you are away and you can join back. If the connection was lost on the installation screen, you have eaten the fault. He has to take a 2-3 minute wait from the start. Also, during Freeplay, the server can be shut down at once, but beware. I saw the warning came 1 times, 1 time I turned up instantly. My stuff was garbage. Things I did burned. Isn't she pretty? In addition, the game also includes micro payment. However, these micro payments do not give players extra power. It only allows them to get the visual things they can get by playing normally. This, too, doesn't really matter if you ask me. You want to spend your money,

One of the notes I received for writing anthem review was the problem of not loading the world. I'll talk about the PC I'm using soon. But now, let me explain the problem. Just like the image you see above, the world is loading too late. This happens both during the action and at Fort Tarsis. Yahu, my enemies that I can't see kill me, what work? Is this a joke? Do I have to pull that loading screen? And then there's a situation where music comes and goes. Understand that if the music goes and that soon the sound will go completely. The sound is suddenly interrupted. Just. When I start the game again, it gets better, but why do I have to pull up the loading screen? Finally, the NPCs that want to talk are not shown on the compass. If you don't check your map in Fort Tarsis, you may be missing out on conversations to earn points. Also, so that I don't have a placemark feature. The problem of not loading the world continued, even though I've switched from the HDD to the Samsung Evo 970 250GB M.2 SSD.

Anthem, what visually offers and how to optimize?

Anthem has a truly fascinating world. He made my heart go crazy in Fort Tarsis and the open world. I can't tell if the lights, shadows, coverings are so beautiful. There is a slight distress about animations, but they are not very important. However, you can be sure that both the character and enemy designs, as well as the world of your heart will be a very playful construction of Anthem visual.

The PC I am using for the Anthem review includes an Intel i9 9900K processor, a 2x16GB DDR4 3000MHz cl15 RAM and an Asus Turbo 1080 Ti graphics card. Overall, I achieved a performance of 120 FPS. If things get too messed up, the FPS is about 100, that's all. Right below, I've shared Anthem system requirements information. You can check whether your PC is up and running and do something for it.

Anthem system requirements (Minimum)

Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350RAM: 8 GBGPU: NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9280XGPU RAM: 2 GB GPU memoryHDD: At least 50GB of free spaceDIRECTX: DirectX 11

Anthem system requirements (Recommended)

Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHzRAM: 16 GB GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / RTX 2060, AMD RX 480GPU RAM: 4 GB GPU memoryHDD: At least 50GB of free spaceDIRECTX: DirectX 11

What is the result of an Anthem review?

I would like to mention the place in my head before I conclude my anthem review. This game has really big potentials but it needs to be corrected and found missing. They're undermining their gaming experience very badly. Once I have these problems, I cannot see anything other than repetitive tasks and boring stories. In fact, self-repeating tasks, the gameplay really wraps really thanks to the game. I mean, I'm telling you, I've been banged up in 20 days. The Anthem review was the result of my review, so it left me too much in between.

The price tags of the game are actually quite normal when viewed in euro and dollar. Because the standard version is 60 bucks and the game's Legion of Dawn version is 80 bucks.

With the EA team, Anthem offers players a product with really great potential. At the same time, the visuality and gameplay features it proposes push me to propose the game. Therefore, as a result of the Anthem review, I have given Anthem a 7.5 Out of 10 but updates as time pass may very raise that score.

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