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A Devil May Cry Board Game Based Upon The Bloody Palace Is Heading To Kickstarter

People who loved Devil May Cry 5 will have a new way to go demon hunting with Dante, Nero, V, and Trish. Steamforged Games and Capcom are working on a new Devil May Cry board game. Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace will appear on Kickstarter in Spring 2019, looking for funding to make a familiar mode in the series into a tabletop experience.

So far, four playable characters have been revealed for Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace. People will be able to use Dante, Nero, Trish, and V as they go through The Bloody Palace and attempt to build up combos and increase their style rank. There will be sculpted minifigures of both allies and enemies, which will be placed on a hex grid. When the Kickstarter launches, people will be able to download the full rulebook and watch playthrough videos. If successful, the game should release in 2020.

A Steamforged Games contest has also been announced. People who subscribe to the company’s newsletter can be entered to win a copy of Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace. The one given away will be a £150 Sparda-level pledge edition of the game, though the official website did not note everything that will entail.

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