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EA is Set to Remaster Original Command & Conquer Games in 4K

More than two decades later, Electronic Arts is set to release a remastered 4K version to the classic RTS video games Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Originally released in 1995, the franchise titles take players to a military battlefield where it’s GDI (Global Defense Initiative) versus the Brotherhood of Nod, or Allies versus the Soviets, in the case of Red Alert.

EA promises the games will remain as true to their originals as possible, and in sticking to their word, they will be working with a few key members of the original Westwood Studios team. Many will remember the game’s cinematic cut-scenes, in which poisoning or strangling one of the on-screen characters was a common occurrence. As of 2009, the franchise has sold over 30 million copies, and received a number of awards including six Guinness World Records. While many new gamers today were not yet born during the game’s heyday, the 4K version should spark new interest in showing just how entertaining these mid-90s RTS games were — much like the remastered version of StarCraft.


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