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Destiny 2: Iron Banner 6v6 delayed

Destiny 2 players are going to have to wait a bit longer for Iron Banner 6v6.

Some interesting information on Iron Banner 6v6, Rumble, and weapons changes for Destiny 2 were provided in the Bungie Weekly Update.

Let’s start with the good news first: weapon slot changes are in the works Destiny 2.

While we won’t find out what’s in store until sometime this summer, Bungie said the development team is working on the system right now. In the meantime, the next big Sandbox update coming with Season 3 will feature weapon buffs.

Season 3 is set to kick off in May when update 1.20 releases. Changes to how Rumble will be played will go into effect as soon as next week. When the mode returns, the player count will be lowered from eight to six.Players felt Rumble was a bit crowded, and Bungie agreed. Next week, players will find Rumble will now feature 6-player free-for-all.

Rumble will go live as the featured gametype in the Weekly Crucible playlist with the reset on Tuesday, in lieu of Iron Banner.

Set to return next week, Iron Banner 6v6 has been postponed due to a late-breaking issue. Once fixed, it will be added to the rotation.

There are changes coming to Control when Iron Banner returns with 6v6. Zones will no longer be held by either team at match-start, and once capturing, the more players there are in a zone, the faster it switches sides.

The reset on Tuesday also includes hotfix Spawn fixes and issues with Tower and Raid blackscreen occurrences will be addressed.

Destiny 2 servers will go offline for two hours April 10 starting at 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 5pm BST.

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