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New Call of Duty WW2 modes and weapons

The Call of Duty: WW2 train keeps rolling, and there’s some significant additions coming according to this latest leak.

In a classic little bit of accidental internet leaking, video footage of Call of Duty: World War 2’s latest update appears to have been put online early – oops! It’s been pulled down, but nothing stays deleted for long on the internet, and as it turns out YoUTuber IAMJarni was on the case, ripping and downloading the video so he can reshare it to the masses.

The video gives a glimpse at a few returning game modes that’ll be new to COD WW2. The video features Demolition, Control, Infected and my personal favourite, the armament-swapping Gun Game, among others. Activision appears to be playing whack-a-mole with anybody who reposts the video, but there’s a hefty reddit post and comments thread about the leak, while Streamable and a report over on Multiplayer First currently have copies of the video that hasn’t been smacked with the copyright hammer yet.Exactly when this’ll all launch and the cost isn’t clear yet, but it seems we’ll likely be finding out quite soon based on the appearance of this trailer. We’ll keep you posted all the same and of course keep our ongoing COD WW2 pages like our list of all weapon variants and skins in the game updated as the new weapons, modes, maps and other additions launch.

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