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5 Minutes of Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Gameplay on Endless Vale

The Sentinel Titan goes toe to toe with other guardians in the Control gametype on Endless Vale. *Note: Power Ammo appeared immediately in this footage. That is not indicative of how it will spawn in the final product.

The idea is that the game will be faster-paced with more engagements, and players can be more tactical than just roaming around in a pack grouping up on points. In line with that, matches will be a bit shorter at around 8 minutes, and there will be a Mercy rule. Scoring has been simplified, and as with Destiny 2’s Countdown mode, only the player who opens the power ammo box gets the goods. Oh, and as with all Destiny 2 PvP modes, player count has been reduced to 4v4 as opposed to Destiny’s 6v6.

Bungie only showed off Destiny 2′ Endless Vale map on Nessus and the Midtown map we’ve seen before during the reveal; they’ll both be available in the Destiny 2 beta next week.

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