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Skull And Bones announced as new Ubisoft IP

Titled Skull And Bones, it is in development at Ubisoft Singapore, which brought you Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

While the video above tells you “what you need to know” about the game, Ubisoft posted a short features list with the press release.

Here’s some highlighted features:

  • Customize Your Pirate Experience: Choose your captain, recruit your crew and build deadly ships

  • Naval Combat Redefined: Use your weapons, spyglass and even the wind to stalk and destroy your prey

  • Play Solo or Coop: Raid the Hunting Grounds alone or group with other players to hunt larger prey

  • Explosive Multiplayer: Enter the Disputed Waters and fight for supremacy in a variety of game modes

If you missed the Skull and Bones reveal trailer, you should give it a watch. It’s cinematic, but it’s a nice cinematic.

Ubisoft also provided plenty of information on PvP and cooperative multiplayer, but not all multiplayer will stay cooperative. Your friends can turn on you, so choose them wisely.

Maybe play with a friend in real life. Then again, some of them may turn on you in the game too if the plunder is enough to tempt them.

But there will be a plenty of environmental factors to contend with as well. The wind and the ocean currents will be both an asset and a curse.

Warships are grouped into classes and there are three classes to choose from in Loot Hunt, the 5v5 PvP multiplayer mode being shown at E3, but more are planned for launch and beyond.

One warship is the heavy-hitting Frigate, which is dangerous in close quarters and it can also take a lot of punishment. It can also protect weaker ships in the fleet by acting as a barrier.

The Brigantine is a fast raiding ship which can close the distance fast for a nice ramming of an opponent’s hull. Once that happens, prepare to be boarded.

There’s also the Sloop-of-war which is a light-weight ship which is perfect for dealing long-range damage.

Each ship looks different, so players will need to pay attention to what’s on the hroizon before engaging. If not, they may regret it.

In order to survive in battle, players can choose strategic customization by planning their loadouts, improving firepower and the like.

Going back to amassing riches, there will plenty of opportunities to do just that in both PVE and PvP.

“You’ll be able to find out what’s being delivered across trade routes, get inside information to help you plan your attacks,” according to game director Bill Money. “Once you’ve learned this info, you can choose to go after targets that are really valuable to you.”

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