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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Is Coming Soon to PS4

Well, well, well, we were wondering when this sequel would show up. Spotted on retailer Target's website, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is supposedly the sequel to the well received Lord of the Rings title Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The leak consists of the game's box art, which looks rather legitimate, and honestly, we expect imminent confirmation.

The leak - if true - comes as no real surprise. Shadow of Mordor won numerous Game of the Year awards when it released back in 2014, and it sold pretty well, too. Publisher Warner Bros. was always going to have another crack at it, and we have to admit that we're totally fine with that; the first title wasn't perfect, but it laid some incredibly solid foundations that can certainly be built upon.

Are you happy to see this potential sequel? Try not to get possessed in the comments section


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