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The Division Survival Game Mode Changes

Survival game mode – changes listed here will only apply to this mode

NPCs damage and health have been adjusted to increase their lethality, especially at the beginning of a session:

  • Increased level 28 NPC health by 25%.

  • Increased level 29 NPC health by 16%.

  • Increased level 30 NPC health by 8%.

  • Increased level 28 NPC damage by 12.5%.

  • Increased level 29 NPC damage by 8%.

  • Increased level 30 NPC damage by 4%.

Dark Zone adjustments

  • Lowered the material drop rates in the Dark Zone.

  • High-End crafting costs have been adjusted and made more expensive.

  • Crafting High-End weapons will now require a Division Tech material.

  • Removed weapon mods providing the Increased Magazine Size bonus as they could break combat balance against the Hunter.

  • Reaching Novice Rank will now require a score of 600 instead of 400.


  • Moved 30 Phoenix Credits from the weekly assignment reward to put them inside the weekly assignment cache (the total amount is still the same).

  • Added one extra High-End Mod inside the weekly assignment cache.


  • Named Gear pieces will now have a chance to be acquired in Field Proficiency caches and have been added as a chance to drop on various activities.

  • D3-FNC has been renamed FrontLine.

  • Skulls MC gloves: damage bonus has been increased from 10% to 16%.

  • Swift: Reload Speed bonus has been increased from 15% to 25%.


  • LMGs: Damage to targets out of cover bonus has been slightly reduced for all LMGs of Gear Score 256

  • MG5: Time to max accuracy has been slightly increased. This means that while firing, max accuracy will be reached a little slower than before.

  • Urban MDR: “Distracted” will now properly react and give bonus damage on targets with status effects.


  • Tactical Link: Damage bonus reduced from 35% to 30% (back to its 1.4 value).

Bug Fixing


  • Fixed a bug where Dark Zone Supply Drops would not award items with the correct Gear Score.

  • Fixed a bug where weapons could get 2 of the same Talents.

  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to switch between primary and secondary weapon.

  • Fixed a bug where Named Gear items could not be recalibrated.

  • Fixed a bug where Named Gear items would not yield material when deconstructed.

  • Fixed a bug where Stable talent would not give the correct stability.

  • Fixed a bug where Nimble talent would not work until reequipped if a cover to cover move is interrupted.

  • Fixed a bug where controllers would not work when used on PC.

  • Fixed a bug where players could become invincible for a few seconds after using Survivor Link.

  • Fixed several instances of client crash.

  • Fixed a bug where Skill Haste would not correctly affect Support Station cooldown.


  • Fixed a bug in the Survival end cut scene where the character would fly away alone while the helicopter remained on the ground (although it was awesome to watch).

  • Fixed a bug where items acquired during a survival session would drop on the ground when successfully extracting, leaving them available for pickup by other players.

  • Fixed a bug where the Agent Remaining notification sound would be played repeatedly without the notification being shown.

  • Fixed several instances of invisible walls in Survival.

  • Fixed a bug where Hunters could spawn too close to players.

For those who aren’t using the PTS, the base game was also updated yesterday with a few bugs fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players below level 30 could obtain High-End rewards from vendor sealed caches.

  • Fixed a bug where Gear Score calculations placed players into the wrong World Tier.

  • Fixed a bug where player’s Underground Rank would exceed Rank 40 in certain conditions.

The Division: Survival is currently live on the PTS for PC, and the expansion is currently with a release date for all platforms.

Once it is release, it will be made available on PC and Xbox One 30 days before it arrives on PS4.

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