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Destiny Hot Fix, Weekly Reset & Aksis Challenge

Bungie has confirmed that later today, a small Destiny hotfix will be deployed on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The developer did not list the changes the patch will be making, but as is usually the case with Destiny patches, the change log will be revealed just before the thing goes live.

The hotfix will release just before Iron Banner PvP event returns, too.

At 9:30am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, and 5:30pm GMT/UK, players will be returned to the login screen to apply the hotfix. Iron Banner will go live 30 minutes later, at 10am Pacific.

At 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, and 10pm GMT/UK, everyone who have yet to take the hotfix will be removed from their activities and returned to the login screen to apply it.

We’ll update this story when Bungie reveals the patch notes.

The Aksis challenge mode is all about getting your team supercharged, so if you’ve been neglecting to use the supercharge plates in the second phase of the Aksis fight, you’ll need to readjust your tactics. If you’ve been supercharging the crap out of everyone already, you won’t have to tweak much.

The challenge dictates that players have to supercharge on every teleport after the DPS phase, so every time Aksis teleports, empowered Guardians need to keep their eyes peeled for the plate with the red supercharge beacon and get their butts over there pronto.

Destiny weekly reset for November 8

Weekly Nightfall

Blighted Chalice is this week’s strike with modifiers Berserk, Small Arms, Fresh Troops, and Match Game.

Berserk prevents enemies from flinching, even after massive damage. Small Arms grants bonus damage when using primary weapons. Fresh Troops increases the number of enemies in some squads. Match Game requires the use of correct elemental weapons to take down enemy shields.

Heroic playlist modifiers

Solar Burn, Specialist, Juggler.

Challenge of Elders

Round 1: Wretched Knight (Hive). Round 2: Keksis the Betrayed (Fallen). Round 3: Overmind Minotaur (Vex).

With modifiers Airborne, Berserk, Super Kill Bonus.

Crucible playlists

Freelance 6v6, Mayhem Rumble.

Wrath of the Machine raid challenge

Aksis is the one offering the challenge this week. Be sure to give our guide a watch if you want an easy way to kill him.

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