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Uber Rider App Redesign

Uber is beginning to roll out its new ride-hailing app which will allegedly save users time, money and offer a slew of entertainment features. It has been four years since the ubiquitous car service revamped its mobile dashboard and it’s about time for a renovation since the app is currently being used in over 450 cities across the globe. The redesigned app will apparently show how long a ride will take as well as the total cost from your location to your selected destination. It will inquire for more personal information—mining contacts on your digital address book as well as events on your calendar to offer convenient Uber appointments relating to a specific occasion or suggesting a ride to a friend. If you’re interested in the latter, the app will reach out to the friend and ask if he or she is willing to reveal their current location and will send a text to your peer if they don’t have the app downloaded. The aforesaid feature is slated to roll out sometime in December.

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