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Titanfall 2 PS4/XBOX ONE Stress Test

Titanfall 2 comes to us from Respawn, a team staffed by core former members of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward.

In the latest frame rate and resolution analysis from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, this heritage is cited as inspiration for Titanfall 2’s “precision interface” -v ery low latency and solid performance delivering an experience that feels much more 1:1 than less slick titles.

Testing both console buidls of Titanfall 2, the report above concludes that while the shooter is not “absolutely perfect”, dropped frames “extremely rare”, and only occur at times when the engine is “under exceptional load”. It’s a remarkable improvement on beta performance.

Part of the secret of Titanfall 2’s frame rate success is the dynamic resolution frame buffer; you won’t be locked to 1080p as you play. In fact, the PS4 build sometimes falls from 1080p to below 900p, which is very rare for the console, and the Xbox One build gets well below 720p on the regs. This is a bit gross but the trade-off of solid FPS is probably worth it gameplay-wise – and that’s no doubt why Titanfall 2 leans in that direction.


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