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6 Abandoned Games From Nintendo, Marvel, EA, FOX, Warner Bros. & Factor 5

This video details 6 abandoned games from various publishers. First up is an Electra game from Marvel which would have been a spin-off of the cancelled Daredevil game previously features on Unseen64. The second title was a potential first person Command and Conquer game from EA and Criterion. The third game was contemplated during the earliest stages of development for Kid Icarus Uprising. Masahiro Sakurai had plans to create a Star Fox game on the Nintendo 3DS, but the project eventually developed into a revival of Kid Icarus after Sakurai came to the conclusion that his desired gameplay mechanics didn't suit Star Fox. The fourth game is again from Criterion. It would have been based on the Mad Max franchise, and published by 20th Century Fox. The fifth game is yet another Dirty Harry title. This game would have been an open-world crime game published by Warner Bros. The last game in this list is connected to Factor 5's PlayStation 3 title, Lair. Early in Lair's development, Factor 5 wished to use to the Dungeons and Dragons license.


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