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GTA 5 fan film re-imagines it as VR game in with Trevor

YouTube moviemakers at Corridor have released a new short film that re-imaginesGTA 5 as a VR game.

Not like the ones being sold today, either, this is a fully immersive VR environment made for a future pair of VR glasses that doesn’t exist.

As you can see above, once the dude puts on the (very light) VR glasses he is instantly transported to a living GTA 5 world where none other than Steven Ogg – the actor who played Trevor in the game – is taking him on a tutorial ride.

After getting a three-star police threat, the pair go on to indulge in other GTA-like antics such as C4ing perusing vehicles, and even engaging in some PvP. There’s also a nod to the many fan mods and game cheats in the film.


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