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Destiny Guide: New Nightfall Strike Modifiers and Quests

This week’s Destiny weekly reset provides more content than ever due to the recent release of Rise of Iron, and here are all the details you need to know.

Before the release of Rise of Iron, weekly resets were pretty straightforward in terms of what was available to experience in Destiny. Hop into the weekly Nightfall, Heroic story mission, or Crucible. Now that the Destiny expansion has released, there is a little bit more to invest in each week to test a Guardian’s mettle.

Weekly Nightfall

This week’s Nightfall is Winter’s Run, which will pit Guardians against the Archon Priest on Venus. In addition to the amped up difficulty, the modifiers Berserk, Small Arms, Chaff, and Airborne will also be in effect.

Berserk will prevent enemies from flinching, so, snipers, don’t count on headshots staggering anything. Small Arms will grant bonus damage to primary weapons, which should help shred enemies without having to switch to more powerful weapons too often. Chaff disables the radar, so be prepared to keep eyes peeled. Finally, Airborne Combat will give bonus damage when shooting from the air.

Weekly Strike Playlist

The modifiers this week are Solar Burn, Small Arms, and Ironclad. Solar Burn will increase Solar damage from weapons, Small Arms will boost the damage of primary weapons, and Ironclad will spawn more enemies with shields. These modifiers provide a perfect testing ground for that shiny new Year 3 Gjallarhorn everyone should have by now.

This is also the source of a Guardian’s one weekly Radiant Treasure, so those who want ornaments should jump in and get theirs. It’s also the only confirmed source of Skeleton Keys — though many hope this will change.

Prison of Elders

For many, this is simply a source for the weekly Sterling Treasure, which contains Chroma and older gear. Anyone interested in picking up a few pieces should run it. Additionally, Prison of Elders provides Legendary Marks, which almost every Guardian still needs in order to purchase gear or upgrade what they have currently.

Challenge of Elders

Guardians looking to max out another of Variks’ scorecards in Challenge of Elders will be greeted with the weekly modifiers Chaff, Fresh Troops, and Super Kill Bonus. Chaff makes radar go bye-bye, Fresh Troops will provide additional reinforcements to enemy squads, while Super Kill Bonus means Guardians should go nuts with their Supers if they want to earn some major points. Bringing along any weapons that drop orbs or generally help fill the Super gauge is recommended.

Crucible Playlists

Combined Arms 6v6 and Control.

Weekly Quests

Heading on over (or up) to Felwinter Peak, Guardians can find two of the new weekly quests for Rise of Iron goodies.

Tyra Karn is handing out the quest called Artifacts of the Iron Lords, which, when completed, rewards Guardians with a token so they may claim one of three artifacts available this week; their choice. The artifacts up for grabs this week are Memory of Felwinter, Memory of Skorri, and Memory of Perun.

Memory of Felwinter will allow Guardians to gain one extra grenade and melee charge when they lose their Super. Memory of Skorri, when equipped and Super gauge is full, gives a boost to allies’ super recharge rate. Memory of Perun will highlight enemy Guardians will full Supers and enemies with low health.

Shiro-4 is giving out four new Rise of Iron bounties. Finishing these has a chance to give Guardians the Thorn quest, so they’re worth doing if the Vanguard reputation isn’t alluring enough.

Over at the Tower, Lord Shaxx is handing out a Crucible bounty that has a chance at giving Nightfall tier rewards, while in the Reef, Petra has her standard bounties, and Variks has his Prison of Elders bounties. Any Guardians planning on hitting up either Prison of Elders or Challenge of Elders should pick these up.

Extra experience and reputation is always a good thing.

That’s the gist of what’s available and relevant for Guardians this week. The Wrath of the Machine raid also reset this week, so Guardians can take another crack at it for some great rewards. Those who are diving in or the first time might want to check out our raid guide. For an entirely new strategy, which involves skipping an entire boss fight, take a gander at this newly discovered trick.

Good luck out there, Guardians.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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