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How to get high Light artifacts in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron players are racing to get their Light as high as possible before Wrath of the Machine launches later today, but they’ve hit a wall: artifacts are thin on the ground.

Is this what you’re looking for? If not, check our Destiny: Rise of Iron guide.

Arekkz has you covered with some great tips in the video above. In order from shittiest to most reliable, here are three ways to get a 360+ artifact in Destiny: Rise of Iron:

  • Decode high level engrams Efficiency rating: rubbish, RNG-dependent If you’re picking up engrams from 365 Light level tier activities, there’s a chance they may decode into artifacts. Is it likely? No. No, it is not – and it’s even less likely to be a 365 Light version. Farm Omnigul all you like, you’ll probably still be stuck on this one for a while.

  • Check in with Eris Morn Efficiency rating: painful grind Crota’s Bane reward packages have a chance of dropping loot as high as 385, and seem to throw up artifacts pretty often. Thanks Eris; loot like this is why you’ll always be my Destiny girlfriend. Increase your Crota’s Bane reputation with The Taken King bounties.

  • Use Skeleton Keys to open Strike Hoard chests Efficiency rating: best in class Skeleton keys are used to open Strike Hoard chests and obtain strike-specific loot. But did you know these chests also harbour a random selection of other goodies? It’s true, and if your lowest Light level gear is an artifact, there seems to be a very good chance of grabbing a Rare (blue) artifact with a higher Light level than your current one.

The key point here is to save your Skeleton keys for when your artifact is your lowest Light item to increase your chances of scoring a better one. You can then equip this artifact to increase your Light level, and go hunting for other gear to match it. When your artifact is the lowest item again, rinse and repeat all the way up to a 365 Rare artifact – which you can then infuse into your favourite legendary artifact.

So there you have it: get yourself into the Nightfall Strike and SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist, obtain some Skeleton keys, and then go hunting for artifacts. Wrath of the Machine is waiting.


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