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Destiny: Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Clusters – all known Fallen locations

Dormant SIVA Clusters may be hidden in Destiny: Rise of Iron‘s new raid, Wrath of the Machine, so until it has been thoroughly flogged we probably can’t pick up every single Dormant SIVA cluster we know is out there somewhere.

We can get most of them, though: of the 30 Dormant SIVA Clusters listed in the Grimoire, 26 have been located. In this third video guide, Arekkz takes us through the six Fallen Dormant SIVA Clusters Destiny: Rise of Iron players have managed to dig up.

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Although you can grab the Dormant SIVA Clusters in various activities, the route shown here is designed to get you through the Fallen family of Dormant SIVA Clusters as efficiently as possible. Feel free to go your own way if you prefer, but there is one exception: the 3.5 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster is only available in the Sepiks Perfected strike because the boss arena is closed in patrol mode or during other missions.

Felwinter Peak Dormant SIVA Clusters

There are two Fallen Dormant SIVA Clusters to be found on Felwinter Peak – one in a mission and one in he Iron Temple social space. Both are pretty difficult to obtain compared to the rest.

Fallen 3.0 Dormant SIVA Cluster

This Dormant SIVA Cluster is only available in the story mission The King of the Mountain. Play through to the end and battle Sepiks Perfected. When the boss is at low health a Fallen ship will bring reinforcements and hang around in midair for a few seconds. From the right side of the temple frontage you can leap to stand on the top of the ship. When the ship moves off, jump to the balcony on the nearby tower. The 3.0 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster is on the top of the tower. Good luck!

Fallen 3.1 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Unusually, this Dormant SIVA Cluster is in a social space. Spawn into the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak and solve the jumping puzzle to reach the highest possible point of the mountain. The 3.1 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster is at the edge of the ledge overlooking the social space.

Strike and mission Fallen Dormant SIVA Clusters

The following four Fallen Dormant SIVA Clusters are scatteed across multiple locations, and most easily found by following specific missions.

Fallen 3.2 Dormant SIVA Cluster

At the very end of the mission Download Complete there’s a room with multiple circular terminals, each with a couple of big monitors or screens above them. Facing into this room, head towards the terminal on the right to locate the 3.2 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster behind one of the monitors.

Fallen 3.3 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Begin The Wretched Eye strike and follow it through until you reach the rooms with spiral stairs around central columns. These rooms are numbered and colour-coded, so scan the walls until you locate Room 3, which is tiled in pale green. Jump to the top of the central column and enter the blue cargo crate to find the 3.3 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster – on the ceiling above you. Cheeky beggar.

Fallen 3.4 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Continue from Room 3 to the next silo over, in the direction of the end of The Wretched Eye strike. This one’s a pain in the arse: you need to use small platforms around the room to ascend right to the top to stand on a cargo crate. From here you can scan the walls with your sniper scope to see the 3.4 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster in a tiny alcove. Get to it by jumping across to a very narrow ventilation shaft platform, and then jumping straight up beneath it while holding the interact button. Many of the platforms around this room will fall if anybody stands on them for too long, but the climb is still possible.

Fallen 3.5 Dormant SIVA Cluster

The last know Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster is in Sepiks Perfected, the new version of Devil’s Lair, Access it by selecting the Devil’s Lair strike but turning the difficulty up. Fight through the Strike to the final boss arena and run right past Sepiks and his adds to the water at the far end. Facing the water, face left and run to the wall, where there’s one of those darkness doors. There’s a bit of fallen catwalk at your feet here, and the 3.5 Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster is tucked underneath it.


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