Pokemon Sun & Moon guide: where to find evolution stones like the fire, ice and leaf stones

Perhaps made most famous by versatile Normal-type Pokemon Eevee, Pokemon’s elemental stones have become more useful with each passing generation of Pokemon game. The number of stones has gradually grown over time, too.

These stones are hidden throughout the world of Alola much the same as in any Pokemon game, and when you obtain them you can expose Pokemon on your team to the stone to make them evolve. Some Pokemon can evolve multiple different ways depending on what stone you use, while others require use of a stone to evolve even along their solitary evolutionary path. In any case, these stones are vitally important.

We figured some of you might be desperate to know exactly where a specific stone is to evolve your Pokemon of choice, so we’ve gathered a list of the stones here and their locations. We’ll expand this list as we track down more stones.

Where to find a Fire Stone

Fire Stones are used to evolve various species of fire-type Pokemon. It’ll turn your kindly Eevee into a fiery-maned Flareon or a cutesy Growlithe into a regal looking Arcanine.

You’ll be able to find a Fire Stone in Diglett’s Tunnel on Akala Island, or you can alternatively buy this stone in Konikoni City.

Where to find an Ice Stone

An Ice Stone has made itself into one of the more desperately wanted evolutionary stones in Sun & Moon since it evolves the new Alola forms of some classic Pokemon Red and Blue Pokemon – Alola Sandshrew and Alola Vuplix. One of these lines is exclusive to Sun, the other to Moon.

To get your Alola Sandslash and Alola Nintales you’ll want the stone. Get it from Po Town as loot or buy it in Konikoni City.

Where to find a Leaf Stone

The Leaf Stone evolves a bunch of grass-type Pokemon when you expose them to it, but they’re in demand in Sun & Moon because it’ll evolve the relatively easily found Exeggcute into the gigantic-necked Alola form of Exeggcutor.

We haven’t found any way to grab this stone in the wild yet (if you’ve found one, let us know) but you can get it via Poke Pelago or buy it in Konikoni City.

Where to find a Thunder Stone

The thunder stone is a Pokemon staple since the Red and Blue days, though in a sense it’s always been one of the more underused stones… who evolves Pikachu, anyway? The addition of Alola Form Raichu might encourage some more Pika evolving, however.

For that you’ll need this stone – and you can find one in the Dream Park on Akala Island. It’s also available to buy in Konikoni City.

Where to find a Water Stone

The water stone forces a lot of types of water Pokemon to evolve – and that includes Eevee into fan favourite and Pokemon Go stampede-causer Vaporeon and Staryu into Starmie, Misty’s Pokemon of choice.

The Water stone is like many of the others found for sale in Konikoni City. We haven’t found a free-of-charge way of obtaining it yet.

Where to find an Oval Stone

The Oval Stone is very specific – it only evolves one species of Pokemon, and that’s Happiny into Chansey. Since you can find Happiny into the wild in Sun & Moon it’s still pretty relevant, however.

You can find the Oval Stone in an appropriate place for an egg-loving Pokemon – on Akala Island’s Paniola Ranch, near the Pokemon Nursery.

Where to find a Dusk Stone

The Dusk Stone is loved by Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon in particular, and as a result you can use it to make Pokemon like Murkrow and Misdreavus Evolve.

You can buy one of these but not in Konikoni City for once – you’ll have to look inside the Flea Market at the Malie Community Center. You can also find one just off the beach of the Poni Wilds.

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